My campaign relies on four pillars that I will use when reaching out to voters.

Partner with DC Agencies for Safer neighborhoods

ANC 3F has seen an increase of crimes the past couple of years. Many people have felt not safe in the area for a variety of reasons. My apartment building had a shooting in the past six months which was a very traumatic experience. We must realize that in order for crime to decrease, we must work together as a community to identify the core reasons behind it as well as how our government officials will respond to our concerns.

The biggest thing I want to do is continue collaborating with DBH, DHS, and other agencies to help identify the core reasons behind the increase of crime. It is not right to simply ask for more police in the area when the solution could be something very different. Investments in mental health resources, violence interrupters, and direct aid networks are necessary but underfunded in the district and I want them to be a priority.

Invest in Affordable Housing and Tenants Association

Let's face it. DC is expensive! Among many cities nationally, DC is a city where housing is so expensive. But housing that creates gentrification and displacement of communities of color is a policy choice. The answer is simply affordable housing. Ward 3 has just started (finally) the process of affordable housing and this trend must continue. ANC 3F should be a place where people feel they can afford the area.

Additionally, we have seen numerous tenants associations developing in ANC 3F which is incredible. Only through collective action can a community address systemic issues. I plan to advocate for them with what issues they would need to make sure landlords are held accountable for their tenants.

Advocate for Bike Lanes, Public Transit, and Safe Streets

I do not own a car and seeing cars fly down Connecticut Avenue is alarming. Not having a protected bike lane indicates the city prioritizes car while not investing into other options of transportation. The Connecticut Avenue Concept C Study is an excellent place to start and I plan to continue supporting this while providing ways to give feedback to DDOT.

I support traffic calming measures like stop signs or speed bumps where is necessary. I have heard from community members how when cars speed down side streets, they do not feel safe which I can relate to. This should especially be considered for schools.

Empower Schools for better community engagement

As a former teacher, I have seen the power of schools in our communities. Additionally, I have seen how DC continuously devalues schools, including ANC 3F. From high teacher turnover to lack of HVAC systems up to date (this one I have experienced first-hand), we need to make sure DC Public Schools are empowered to speak up for themselves and through my Schools & Universities Committee, we can do so.

This also includes collaborating more with UDC and Howard Law. Both institutions are vital for ANC 3F and we must make sure they are taken care of. Both are going through developments that could benefit ANC 3F as a whole and we need to make sure these go through.